Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Carnival Masks!

Carnival is a great festivity to bring into the TEFL classroom as it translates across so many cultures. The carnival mask is easily made from a paper plate cut in half. For the eye-holes, I folded the plate and cut small triangles accordingly. Tape a stick on the back of the mask, alternatively you can thread ribbons through but for the sake of time I went with the easy option. Then all that's left is to decorate with glitter glue, paints and whatever else you can find!

(Materials needed: paper plates, scissors, disposable sticks, tape, glitter glue, paints etc.)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

January's Ice Skates

Crafty ice skates are perfect for January. Simply cut out the shape of your shoe in a sheet of white cardboard, leaving two flaps at the bottom. Use these flaps to fold in a lollipop stick, these will become the blade of the ice skate. Thread ribbon at the top of the shoe (alternately you can lace the ribbon up the shoe but for younger children I would definitely keep it easy). Design the shoe in whatever way appeals to you, paint, glitter or even paper collage are all great ideas to make your pair of ice skates stand out. Enjoy!

(Materials needed: string, ribbon, a black marker, lollipop sticks, white cardboard)

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Monday, 8 December 2014

Cardboard Christmas Tree

Christmas couldn't come sooner! The cardboard Christmas tree craft is a perfect way to get your students into the holiday and teach new festive words. Simply cut toilet paper roll in two and make four small incisions on opposite sides. Then cut out two tree shapes from green cardboard, one large and one small (make sure the small one fits into the large one). Cut half way through the larger tree and insert the smaller one inside. Hold your new tree in place with the four incisions toilet paper roll and decorate the fairy lights on your tree. I opted for brightly coloured paint but alternatively you can use glitter, bobbles, ribbon etc. Top the tree with a star, stickers make it easier for young kids but you can cut out and make your own. 

(Materials needed: toilet paper roll, green cardboard, scissors, paints, star stickers, paintbrush)

Monday, 1 December 2014


Whether it be Moș Nicolae, Miklavž, Sinterklaas or Mikołaj, Saint Nicholas has appeared in all guises throughout Europe and Russia. Rooted in a folk tradition that precedes Santa Claus and his happy little elves,  Mikulas is often accompanied by an angel and devil who taunt children on the naughty list and bestow gifts for those on the nice. 

To get into this seemingly bizarre festival, I thought it would be nice bringing Mikulas into the classroom. Inspired by Ludmila Gorogová on pinterest.com, I made easy paper cut outs of Mikulas and his cheeky devil friend. Similar to last week's penguin, I had to cut out a lot shapes beforehand but there is no messy glue this time! 

(Materials needed: black, red, peach and white paper, scissors, tape, pastels/chalks)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Penguin Cut-Out

The penguin cut-out is keeping it cute and super simple for November! Made from scraps of previous projects (and a few extra sweet wrappers I had lying around) this craft is all about sticking and gluing shapes. It is an excellent way to introduce colours, clothes and winter animals to kindergarten kids. Again, there is some prep work to minimize time and scissor usage but overall the finished result is worth it! The scarf can also be decorated any way so I'd also consider buttons, glue, cotton wool etc - let your students create their own!  

(Materials needed: blue, black and yellow coloured paper, tin foil or chocolate wrappers, permanent marker, glue, paintbrush, scissors and an A4 page)

Sunday, 23 November 2014